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BARRY provides key support in resolving major project cost and completion dispute.

Mid-Atlantic, U.S. – T.D. Barry & Associates, Inc. (BARRY) was selected to support a global investment company (Client Confidential) toward resolving a project cost and completion problem involving a $150MM industrial to high-end residential redevelopment venture. All involved parties had already filed cross law suits and significant open contractor claims, and associated filed property liens, were threatening a critical project completion date schedule.

BARRY provided the claims critique and supporting forensic credentials for the owner to successfully resolve matters with the contactor. Armed with BARRYS’ comprehensive analysis of the issues, the owner was able to secure a settlement with contractor that: negated $10MM in contactor claims, established a final contract price, dismissed all suits and liens, and met the original scheduled project completion date which, if missed, would have jeopardized pre-sold condominium contract commitments.      

BARRY leads in resolving a defective work, project funding and completion crises.

New Orleans, LA - T. D. Barry & Associates, Inc. (BARRY) chosen to assist a national foundation (Client Confidential) in completing a new 200+ unit townhouse development that had fallen behind schedule, and was in danger of missing a critical completion date…just four weeks away. There existed significant differences between owner, contractor and architect regarding defective work and the project completion schedule. Multiple subcontractor and vendor liens had been filed against the property, and lending entities had frozen project funding.

Taking the lead interfacing directly with all involved parties - owner, architect, contactor, lenders and all representing counsel, BARRY prescribed and ushered the project to a timely completion. Providing the navigation and leverage necessary, BARRY directed the required corrective work action, initiated an all-party agreement to release liens and resume lender funding, and drove an accelerated contractor final completion schedule. As a result the project was completed and achieved a Certificate or Occupancy just on time, thereby allowing for timely tenant occupancy along with preserving both critical partnership and lending party commitments.